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IB71 – A Disappointing Action Flick with a Few Bright Spots – A Review

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The story of the movie IB71 was cleared with its trailer and India’s Intelligence Bureau gets the job to stop Pakistan, which is in the mood to attack India..And to complete this task, Vidyut Jamwal goes to Pakistan with an Indian agent, for which he takes the help of a terrorist Qasim Qureshi, whose role is played by Vishal Jethwa..

As the story of the film is inspired by true events, no major changes were possible in the script but what was there could have been shown better. The color grading of the film is very impressive and reminds the viewers of the 70s. Along with this, the action is very less but the thriller is more controlled, if more effort had been made on the film script, the film would have been more fun. The film, which is around 119 minutes long, keeps the audience hooked at some places, but at some places some scenes are dragged on too long.

Thus the entire movie revolves around Vidyut Jamwal but Vidyut Jamwal’s acting does not impress much. He is an action master but he still has a lot to learn in the finer points of acting.. The life of this film is Vishal Jethwa, who often makes you laugh and scares you with his acting, has done the role of a terrorist very well. Apart from this, the other characters are Anupam Kher and Dilip Tahil who are seen doing justice to their roles.

Overall the direction of the film has proved to be a bit cheeky and it easily turns India’s agent Pakistan back to its own soil which is liked by the audience but this could have been shown better way..

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