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The world of cinema must now make radical reforms in filmmaking!

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There was a time when films were run under the name of the studio that made them. Gemini’s films will be social and Bombay Talkies’ films will be romantic, RK’s films will be romance plus social, Mehboob Studio’s films will be showing Indian life, Filmistan’s films will be mild comedy romance. That was the identity of each studio.

It was during this time that the names of the heroes became popular and the films of Dev Anand, Dilip Kumar, and Raj Kapoor became popular. After the success of Rajesh Khanna, films started playing in the name of stars. For the last five years, Hindi films have been running based on plot. This is known as strong content. Several films have been beaten up with the story being weak and the stars being big and the films have been hit even if the story is strong and the star is new.
At the same time, a special effect called VFX has become an important factor in making the film a success. With the help of this technique, the hero-heroine can be shot in the studio and shown adventurous adventures on the snow-capped peaks and trenches in the inaccessible Himalayan ranges.

On the other hand, as Amitabh Bachchan said in a Hindi cinema program on the international stage, it is because of Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan that audiences of Hindi films have now grown in countries including Europe and America, with films like Three Idiots, PK and Dangal starring Aamir Khan.

Due to technology, now there is a trend of releasing all films simultaneously all over the world, so there is a need for a huge distribution network to release Hindi films in every country of the world. There is a need for marketing teams to increase the popularity of Hindi films in every country. Due to all this, the budget of Hindi filmmakers has changed completely. It is no longer possible to make films with only the four territories of the country in mind. The budget has multiplied to keep the whole world in mind. Many revenue streams have also opened up against it. By studying all this, there is a need for the world to discover new alchemy of film making, promotion, and distribution.

At the same time, as digital channels have started buying the rights of the film, the release schedule of the film has to be made very meticulously. In this situation, there are four biggest challenges for the cinema world.

First: Redesigning filmmaking and release; Which is universal and gives little assurance.

Second: To capture as many screens as possible in the entire world at the time of the release of each film. Advance planning is essential for this work. The Cinema screen has to be booked in advance. For this, it has to be decided in advance before the shooting of films starts on a certain date. Otherwise, the money for the booked screens will be wasted and if the screen is not found again at the time of release then the scope of release will be reduced! So filmmaking now has to be done with strict precision like any other industry.

Third: Compliance with quality is not at all conducive to adhering to the accuracy of the schedule, now the audience does not consume poor films. That is, films are successful only if the story of the film is new, realistic, has a screenplay that introduces in a new way and there is no raw material in acting and editing. If one film succeeds, it is now dangerous to make another film based on its formula.

Fourth: One of the most important things is to adhere to the digital streaming platform by defining the boundaries of both the regions instead of competing with it! On the other hand, the film can be extended to two three, five parts on the mobile screen, which is not possible in the movies to be released in cinemas. In this way, the cinema world must re-organize by understanding, accepting, and adopting a conciliatory attitude towards the limitations of both the parties and the special facilities of both the parties.

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