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Jackie Chan cooked for Sonu Sood during their film “Kung-Fu Yoga” shoot..

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In a recent interview, Sonu Sood commended action star Jackie Chan for his integrity and reflected on his time spent working with him. In the 2017 action-adventure comedy Kung Fu Yoga, Sonu and Jackie had a prominent roles.

Sonu spoke candidly about his interactions with Jackie Chan during the filming and promotional phases and characterized him as a down-to-earth individual.

Sonu discussed working with Jackie with Mashable India, “It was a very good experience. I had a good tuning with him. He’s a very grounded person. He will come to sets with a fruit packet which he will keep feeding to light man, spot boy, and actors. He will even sit on the ground and eat. At night he will say I will cook for you. I had a friend with me, and Jackie Chan made food for us in a kitchen that was only slightly bigger than this car. He was wearing shorts and a baniyan (vest). My friend could not believe it, that it is 12:30-1:00 am in night, and we are hungry so Jackie Chan is making food for us. And if you leave food on the plate, he will ask your permission and finish that food.”

Sonu further revealed, “Some actors try to create an illusion and a bubble, that an actor should behave like this, eat like this, and not open up. Some actors will create a lot of noise when they will go out, their bodyguards will say ‘hat jaao, piche hat jaao (move back)’ when there will be no one near them. I ask who are you talking to? But they think it’s important to show that they are passing. They think that if they are unapproachable, their stardom will also be seen.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more with Sonu for praising Jackie and at the same time, we take this opportunity to thank Sonu for his continuous humanitarian work.

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