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Pathaan – Movie Review

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Pathan Pathan Pathan.. After a long wait of four years, Shah Rukh Khan makes a comeback on the silver screen, and this comeback is amazing. In the film, Shah Rukh Khan becomes an Indian agent and how he stops India’s ex-RAW agent John Abraham, who is hell-bent on destroying India. How does he stop him, what is the confrontation between the two, this takes the shape of the whole story..

The story of the film has been heard many times and seen many times on the silver screen.. tried to make the screenplay of the film a bit exciting and succeeded to some extent.

Shahrukh Khan is in the action avatar which the audience has been waiting for a long time. His style, body language and acting will remind you of Shahrukh of the 90s. Deepika Padukone is also playing the role of an agent in the film and she has also done justice to her role. Although the entire film revolves around Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham has poured his soul into this role. People will love to see his style, his madness, his monstrous personality. People will remember this role of John Abraham for a long time.

There are two songs in the film and there is nothing new in both the songs.. except for one or two dialogues in the film there is nothing new in the dialogues. The BGM of the film is superb and takes the action scenes to a different level.

The 2019 film WAR was directed by Siddharth Anand and the film’s action scenes and locations were also loved by people. The film was a good earner, so it is natural that this time too people are hoping for good action scenes, locations and direction. And the director has lived up to this expectation. Sticking to a simple story till the end and also delivering high-level action scenes comparable to Hollywood levels is no small feat.

Overall, this movie is a feast for Shah Rukh Khan fans, but even the unbiased viewers will love this movie for its looks, its mind-blowing action sequences and Shah Rukh Khan’s new avatar.

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