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Anil Kapoor is the best example of an Indian Benjamin Button!!!!

by Jay Joshi

In India, if there would ever be a competition amongst ageless beauties, Rekha would surely be unanimously crowned. She defines the term ageless with optimum grace. Well, there is not much emphasized about the male version. In this article, the FM team would like to discuss Anil Kapoor. The actor is in the sixties, and yet, he mesmerizes people with his unmatching charm.

Instead of discussing his 40 years in Hindi cinema, we would like to focus on his convincing charisma. At the age of 56, where most actors consider character roles, he cited himself on television with the American adapted series 24, which won over the audience with ease. Often Aamir Khan is praised for perfection but after reading this article the assurance could be staged for Anil Kapoor as well. At age of 55 and year 2012, he achieved the rare feat to co-host BAFTA awards. He was crowned as the Indian global achiever by Teachers. At the age of 53 and year 2010, he grabbed the seat of one of the jury members that will judge a global film competition held by Tony Blair’s foundation.

Growing young by the age of 51 in the year 2009, he threw the ceremonial first pitch at a Major League Dodgers game At 48, he came up as the global brand ambassador of South Africa in 2006. He shared space with then-president Jacob Zuma in the FIFA world cup final of 2010. He was the first Indian, on every occasion, to accomplish such rare feats.

There are dozens of notes about his Slumdog Millionaire and 24 seasons 8 (US) alliances but we fill the world is not enough to vouch for the expertise and excellence of the forever energized actor. His scenario of success, efforts, and international stardom depict like age is inversely proportional to the energy for Anil Kapoor.

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