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While Bollywood is busy with 6/8 pack abs and all, Chiyaan Vikram in Kollywood has other methods for perfection

by Jay Joshi

Chiyaan Vikram….This name might be unheard in Bollywood but for the southern audience, this name would certainly be the epitome of sheer hard work. Indian cinema is full of diversity. At one hand, there’s Hindi cinema where new entrants and even the biggies are just concentrated with curving the muscles and sucked stomach in partition, while Vikram from Kollywood has rendered a different show at the other end.

In the Hindi film industry, every year several newcomers with perfect muscles mark their debut. Unfortunately, in the acting part, there are not so muscular. Six-packs had been a rage all over but surely it had also mentioned a clause that if you want a become an actor you need to have a body that could be bared. Lots of questions have been asked to multiple actors about their packs and a unanimous answer is given, “my role needed that and I want to play it with a method”. In this article, the FM team wants to discuss Chiyaan Vikram which might configure what really the method acting is.

Vikram has crafted his tenure in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and even in Hindi. 23 years of long-ranging career and still his stomach is full of hunger. He wasn’t very commercially successful during the ’90s but it all changed when Vikram met Chiyaan in SETHU (1999). He accomplished the role of a mentally ill rogue like no other. He shaved his head, lost 47 pounds, and did superb acting to nail the character.

He continued his legacy of diet having only liquid and greens for the movie Dhill (2001). In Kasi (2002) where he acted as a blind folk singer, he sunbathed at his own beach house terrace to get a tan look. In Saamy (2003) he soaked 18 pounds to portray the role of a police officer. All these roles confirmed Vikram as a genuine actor; however, the best was yet to come. In Pithamangan (2003), he outplayed his own acting skills. His performance as a gravedigger suffering from autism spectrum disorders was larger than life. Showcased his own make-up with optimum dialogues and acting with eyes and muscles. Just catch any video of this movie and your mouth will get disable to zip as it will be like oh my god!!! He won both Filmfare and National awards for his impeccable performance.  

In anniyan (2005) he discovered his supremacy with three different roles which featured as the blockbuster giving Vikram his due. He struck again in Kanthaswamy (2009) with the balance of flair as the first superhero in Tamil. For Shankar’s magnum opus “AI”, Vikram reduced his fat by 64 pounds. He is among the very few method actors who crusade his role at his own health’s worst. In 2010, Vikram featured in Mani Ratnam’s bilingual ventures Raavanan and Raavan. In Tamil movies, he acted as a villain and in Hindi he worked as a hero. Tremendously opposite and truly Vikram’s.

Vikram sets an example of the versatility and expansion of the horizon at his own crack. It’s up to the newcomers how they would like to have their inspiration. Either to have a bare body or make hard efforts to torn themselves for a role. The choice is yours.

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