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Gujju actor Prateek Gandhi is making his impact in Bollywood..

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In the year 2007, there was a film called 67 Page, in which you know the boy who played the role of Umrao’s brother.. In ‘Lavayatri’ movie and ‘Mitro’ movie, you must have seen that boy as a hero friend, if you are Gujarati then you must have recognized him, yes we are talking about Pratik Gandhi.

Hardly anyone would have thought that Pratik Gandhi, who played a side role in these two films, would become a household name in India in 2020. His name was well known in the Gujarati industry, but he was a completely new face for Bollywood.

When Hansal Mehta’s web series Scam 1992 came out in 2020, perhaps no one could have imagined that Prateik as Harshad Mehta is going to be imprinted on the minds of people in a way.

After that, a comedy-drama film by Prateek has been declared with Vidya Balan and Ileana D’Cruz, apart from this, he is also coming up with a film called ‘Wo Ladki Hai Kaha’ with Taapsee Pannu. While Prateek’s fans are eager to see him in more and more Bollywood films, let’s know a little about why this engineering degree holder got interested in acting despite pursuing engineering.

Regarding this, Prateek says that my relationship with the stage is from the time I was in the fourth standard. I went on the stage for the first time when I was in the fourth standard. Engineering is also a passion and the affinity towards art has already been strong. He says that as an artiste you can sharpen your talent as much as you can get ahead, there is a whole process of gaining experience before getting success in films and easily getting work.

Before the release of the Scam series, Pratik Gandhi was very excited about the series, he wanted to know how much people pay attention to your work when you work on the national plank. Hansal Mehta decided to cast him in the series after seeing two of his Gujarati films. Hansal Mehta knew that this hero with theater roots would make him watchable. His faith came true and now this Gujarati boy is working with Vidya, and Taapsee and will be seen working in many other films shortly.

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